The Karlovarsko mulls especially in reception and in the wall and yellow go up to 22-15.

Nothing will happen sensational and the case will be repeated soon in some other corner of Europe. ” Punctual arrived referral Uefa about what happened yesterday. Apart from ignition of smoke bombs, throwing objects, disorders and the violation of some safety standards within the Podgorica stadium, Nyon has opened a procedure (the case will be examined May 16) for racist chanting. Giorgio Coluccia  @ Joe_Cole17

February 10, 2019 – Milan Caleb Green. Ciamillo AVELLINO – BRESCIA 79-67 The Sidigas Avellino found victory beyond Brescia, after seven consecutive defeats in league and Europe, taking confidence ahead of the Final Eight of the Italian Cup but losing injured two other elements (Young and Campani) with Nichols and Costello already out for some time.

Brescia, in its second consecutive defeat, a good start and also touches on the +12 but is lost between the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third day of paying the retort different elements. The Sidigas thanks and with the usual torque Green-Sykes (42 points) collects the deserved two points.

VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV the match – The start is balanced with Silins and Cunningham repeatedly hitting from long distance Brescia defends hard and at the end of the fourth square on 1-9 break that breaks the delay allowing the Germans to close the first 10 ‘on 18-26. The host advantage expands up to +12 to 13 ‘when a triple Sacchetti closes a partial another 8-0 in favor of Brescia that flies on 22-34.

Avellino shakes and with grit responds by placing a 10-1 that shows the race in equilibrium (36-37 to 18 ‘). Brescia gets nervous, especially with Cunningham who gets before the third foul and then the technician that forces coach Diana to remove it from contention with four fouls after 18 ‘, while Avellino loses Campani for a blow to the nose with the pivot that is transported into the near hospital for the inspection. You go to sleep on the long 40-41.

The comeback of the hosts is finally completed at the beginning of the third quarter but the Sidigas insists and with a deadly 11-0, favored by Filloy triple, Silins and Campogrande, completely overturns the inertia of the match closing the third fraction on 61- 49 with Brescia which realizes just 8 points. Coach Diana decides to put on the parquet Cunningham and the Germans thanks to the US guard begins comeback, though, you run out up to -4 (65-61).

Avellino at 36’30 ” Young also lost to injury that comes supported by the comrades for a problem with his right ankle and so relies on Green-Sykes couple with two triple ended the match. 79-67 the final result. Avellino: Green 23, Sykes 19, Silins 9. Brescia: Cunningham 18, Hamilton 15, Bags and Moss 8. Domenico Zappella

February 27, 2019 – Milan karlovarsko-Modena 0-3 (19-25, 21-25, 19-25) – A Modena extensively remodeled gets in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 3-0 victory he needed to hope for a miracle qualification . Velasco deploys Keemink-Pinali diagonal (captain), in Kaliberda-Bednorz band, the central Anzani-Van der Ent and free Welcome. Part well Modena immediately putting his head forward and then maintains the advantage managing the ball exchange driven by Bednorz and Kaliberda.

The ace Van der Ent and a Czech error push Modena +4 to 14-18. Keemink not hard to manage the game. The Karlovarsko mulls especially in reception and in the wall and yellow go up to 22-15.

It closes a Zmrhal error. The second set begins with an attempt to escape the Czechs suffered dammed by Bednorz and companions. The hosts are beginning to take steps to Modena attacks and the wall starts to get annoying. Van Harlem begins to make better use cnetrali and Modena hard in defense. Bednorz and Kaliberda continue to be the most important terminals Keemink.

The first overtaking Modena arrives on a Patocka error in the first half 15-14 and from then on the Azimut does not stop and closes an ace Pinali. The fourth set of a thousand Modena but had leads Czechs with Penrose and Vasina. The hosts out of any game are keen to make a good impression for the last in the house and do not give up Modena who tried to escape with Pinali and Bednorz.

But in the end the difference in values ​​launches Modena that close with Bednorz. A phase-Civitanova zaksa kędzierzyn-koźle civitanova-zaksa kędzierzyn-koźle 3-2 (20-25, 22-25, 34-32, 25-21, 15-12) – The Lube never spring. Vince, still unbeaten in Europe.

After being one step away from ko (9 canceled match point in the third set) the red and white team found the traditional set-up and take him zaksa kędzierzyn-koźle tie-break where they complete a winning comeback. It goes out of the thirty cheering Polish fans arrived in the Marches that they had seen their team one step away from success. At palas also the blue Chicco ct Blengini to follow the game.

De Giorgi against Polish champions opt to leave for a large turn over with Bruno, and Juantorena Cester on the bench in favor of D’Hulst, Massari and Stankovic. In the absent guests file instead of the injured Deroo. Start with white and red Massari out but the wall that the team Gardini is felt.

Is short the home side with a 6-2 score Marche break that reverses and forces Gardini to call time-out. But the break that directs the partial on the Polish side comes from the attack of the ACE of Toniutti Sliwka and that is worth the 16-19 Civitanova feeling the pinch, guests playing with great determination and go to shut down a set in which they are made to be preferred both in attack (63%), which wall (3). Zaksa kędzierzyn-koźle that continues as he closed the previous set.

Civitanova curls a series of mistakes that enable opponents of flying on 6-11. De Giorgi runs for cover sending on Juantorena, and Cantagalli. Some signal comes from Juantorena service but it is a flash in the pan: zaksa kędzierzyn-koźle holding the set (11-17) in hand. Two ace of Massari shorten the distances (15-18), but the Lube stops here. The Poles rintuzzano the home of the masters attempts to get back into the game and do it right the second part.

Regna balance at the beginning of a crazy September 3 where Lube demonstrates not want to leave the game. A network fault, the Szymura attack and the wall Bieniek allow the zaksa kędzierzyn-koźle to dig a nice benefit. But the pride of Civitanova is realized in nine match balls reversed by the Gardini team: red and white who fail to turn three balls set, before Simon councils the wall of 34-33.

Lube it now runs on rhythms that bring in big trouble Poles who are feeling the pinch for not having closed the games and are heavily under 18-12. The prelude to an inevitable tiebreak. Where the balance is broken with a Juantorena attack and a Zaska error (10-7): Civitanova held the lead and went on to win a game that seemed lost.

Mauro Giustozzi  An attack Wilfredo Leon, 25 Years An attack by Wilfredo Leon, 25 izmir-Perugia 3-1 (25-21, 25-22, 25-27, 25-16) – Perugia close to the perfect score group stage of the Champions League, winning against the Turks dell’Arkas Izmir sixth consecutive win. A success gained in four sets in front of nearly three thousand of PalaBarton and Lorenzo Bernardi has decided to hold off Atanasijevic and Podrascanin, giving full-time space to Hoogendoorn (MVP and 20 total points) and Galassi, both of which have offered a ‘ good test.

With Colaci in the free role, the coach of the Umbrian presented De Cecco in the opposite direction and Hoogendoorn, Galassi and central Ricci, Leon Lanza and Spiker. Perugia has taken off from the outset, thanks to the net technical gap and exploiting the strength of the abutment (4 ace) and a superlative Ricci (4 points with an ace and 100% attack), 1xbet ios then go to close the fraction (25-21) with a Lanza attack deviated from the wall.

Same script in the second set, with Perugia forward immediately with the Turks and that only in the final are shown below until 23-22, prior to the show Leon, who went on to a wall of the Turks attack and then closed with a ace (25-22), reaching a tally in the hamlet of seven points. More fought Sept. 3 (beginning in Sir Seif, Della Lunga and Hoag for De Cecco, Lanza and Leon), with the Turks Glenn Hoag (father of Nicholas, the unused substitute hitter in the Sir file) which eventually given some important signal (with a good Taht in attack and stroke), putting forward on 2-6 and Perugia who recovered on 7-7, but was unable to take off.

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