Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Back again on the “call to the school’s refoundation” presented Tuesday at the Sorbonne.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Back again on the "call to the school’s refoundation" presented Tuesday at the Sorbonne. As announced yesterday, the press echoed this. But with great caution and constructive criticism. Even Le Figaro highlights the extremism of some words and gives room to critics of this call. Laurent Lafforgue , one of the signatories of the appeal says, for example, in Le Figaro: "Between 1880 and 1960, we had a real school that was turned into something that is more than the name." The main cause of the supposed bankruptcy of the school would be the massification and specifically the single college. It denounced in the same article of Gilles Moindrot SNUIPP, for him, the drafters of this call ‘dream of returning to a situation where only 15 to 20% of students entering college and continuing their education to the ferry "In The humanity, Marie Noelle Bertrand said that the figures on illiteracy put forward in support of this petition, are handled. When the text says that "25% to 30% of students have not mastered the basics of reading the entry into 6th" most serious studies on the subject rather put the figure of 15%. In Liberation, Veronique Soule, notes that while the group refuses to comment on her political preferences, their rhetoric very "worthy" puts more on the side of Nicolas Sarkozy values. It should be noted as a great liberation youth survey Cho Seun-hui, the author of the Virginia Tech massacre. It reveals the progressive dementia of the young mute who worried his classmates and teachers but they were unable to prevent and stop (he was briefly interned depressed and released). He had written on the walls of his room the lyrics of a song: "Teach me to speak / Teach me to share / Tell me where to go / And if I find love. ". Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 25/04/07 the old school is still dreaming a collective of associations met yesterday at the Sorbonne has appealed against the "massification". Read more of the article These teachers disappointed but resigned to join Royal They had turned to Bayrou. Frightened by Sarkozy, he find the left-heartedly in the second round. Read more of the article ten fractures programmed Sarkozy What he wants to do. Nicolas Sarkozy could return to the charge by offering screening for early signs of delinquency in children under 3 years. He had already relied on a report from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research which called "the identification of behavioral disturbances at the nursery and kindergarten." A too scrutinize "genetic susceptibility", it may consider that a "subject" is "offender before entering into existence," as then regretted the doctor psychopathology Adam Rudolph. Read more of the article Cho Seung-hui, mute How to killing a South Korean student of 23 years is happened to coldly kill 32 people on an American campus? From Seoul to Virginia back on the youth that which is defined as "Mr. question mark." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro and find homework help for
25/04/07 A call to ” rebuild the school ” collects 10,000 signatures the text will be submitted these days the candidates for president. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 24/04/07 (a day late) the critics of "decline in school" a text on the offensive to the presidential candidates to be presented today, which vilifies the "new teaching methods . "[…] Initiator of the process, Frederic Guillaud, former teacher and former technical advisor Gilles de Robien, Minister of Education, ensures refuse pre divisions. "We want to bring together people from all backgrounds around the same idea. "Moreover, the identity of some slice support. For example, Chevenement, current member of Royal’s campaign office. While the petitioners are waiting, or, head of state validation of their proposals, Philippe Watrelot, Co-Secretary General of the CRAP, is worried: "We had read that Segolene Royal was in favor of educational reform. But this call does just wear failure on pedagogy, defends an elitist point of view and says nothing inequality. »Read more of the article" Stephen will spend his tray "The students of Acheres (Yvelines) resumed yesterday mobilization to defend the right of a young undocumented immigrants to continue his studies in France. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 25/04/07 (paying) A call to "save the primary" tHE KIND PLUS nicknamed the "Republicans" of education or the hussars of the instruction. Many, however, see them as vulgar "reactionaries" of catastrophic or backward-looking nostalgia versed in the school dad …. Read More Article ———– ————————————- the Cross of Nothing seen … 25/04/07 ————————————————- 20 25/04/07 Nothing minutes saw … ————————————– ———– Metro (Paris) 25/04/07 Against the eviction of Sarah and Antonio One hundred students from kindergarten Buissonniere in Toulouse and their parents answered call the collective RESF. A lunch was organized at the end of classes to protest against a possible escort to the border Antonio, 3 years old, and his parents from Madagascar. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France … 25/04/07 Nothing seen ——————————- —————— Le Monde 26/04/07 the main union high school castigated Mr Sarkozy without giving instructions to vote "UNL will not give setpoint to vote for the second round. We simply point out that the candidate of the UMP is the man of the CPE and repression of the legitimate movement of young people, "said the National Union schoolgirl (UNL), the main union high school, in a statement Wednesday, April 25. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 25/04/07 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the of 25/04/07 Nothing seen … ——————————– ————————— selected in dispatches from 25/04/07 in Education, "the rejection of Sarkozy is very strong, "the Sgen-CFDT General Secretary of the federation of Education Sgen-CFDT, Jean-Luc Villeneuve, said Wednesday that in the middle of Education," the rejection of Nicolas Sarkozy is very strong " without giving instructions to vote for the second round of presidential elections. Read more of the article 500 students marched in Caen men to support a fellow expulsion acetamido About 500 students protested peacefully Tuesday afternoon in the center of Caen to support a fellow Nigerian threatened with expulsion, have we learned from police sources and high school. Read more of the article Snesup-FSU invited to vote for Royal to counter right and extreme right-FSU Snesup The first union of Higher Education, Tuesday urged academia "to use the newsletter to Segolene Royal dam to the right and the extreme right "and" defeat the safe and liberal policies of the candidate of the right and the business world. " Read more of the article Fine Arts Metz: Demonstration against dismissal professor cartoonist Fifty students from the School of Fine Arts of Metz demonstrated on Tuesday against the dismissal of one of their teachers who had caricatured the director of the school and one of her colleagues in a comic. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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