3 months to 6 years

The daycare (preschool) program encourages all aspects of your child’s development. We provide activities and experiences that promote independence, self-help skills, confidence and individuality. We also promote kindergarten readiness and various learning concepts as the children show interest.

Our rooms are well equipped and arranged in various learning centres. The children are free to move from area to area, choosing the activities in which they wish to participate.

Our indoor facility has slides, mats, bikes, cars and other varieties of toys. Our facility has a large, fenced, outdoor development playground both at the front and back has paying field of football, basketball, climbing tools, swings and sand play which use for different age groups. Outdoor field, we also have tall trees, a fish pound which serve as observational science classes which to be conducted bi-weekly basis.

3 to 18 months

Your infant will be in a safe and comfortable environment designed to stimulate and amuse him or her at all levels of development. The infant program is flexible and accommodating to each child’s schedule and needs, with activities based on the children’s interests. During circle time, we sing songs and read age appropriate books with each other. When weather permits, we’ll go for walks around the playing field outside in our large play yard.

The large, bright playroom includes colourful mats, a story area, and an assortment of age appropriate toys. We provide hammock and soft mattress for the younger children to sleep.

Staff monitor and record each child’s sleeping, eating and toileting habits daily and encourage full communication between parents and staff. Two-way communication at this early age supports consistency for your child.

We welcome parent and family participation in our infant room and centre, so you are encouraged to drop in anytime during operation hours.

3 years to 6 years

Kids Friendly Home has two classrooms serving children 3 through 6 years of age. Each classroom has a trained teacher and a trained assistant. The enrollment in each class is capped at 15-20 students. The classroom is designed, equipped, and furnished to facilitate learning in a comfortable, child-centered environment. The carefully designed materials allow children to physically manipulate objects that promote knowledge in the areas of math, language, geography, science, and practical life.

The process is designed to keep learning enjoyable while taking advantage of the child’s natural “sensitive periods” for acquiring skills and knowledge.

The materials are mostly self-correcting to reduce the need for adult intervention, and allowing personal success in the discovery process.

There is a focus on grace, courtesy, respect, and independence. The overall goal is to provide a caring environment in which individual developmental needs are satisfied through the use of manipulative materials and guidance of the managers.

The child is free to learn at an individual pace; free from the time pressures of our fast-paced society. Here, the child will gain independence, self-esteem, and respect for others.

18 months through 3 years

The toddler classroom serves children from the age of 18 months through 3 years. Half-day and full-day programs are offered. The focus at this age is on socialization, self-control, and independence.

We believed that in order for children to develop critical thinking skills, they must be free to experience and manipulate objects in their surroundings. Additionally, socialization without overbearing adult intervention allows the child to gain the valuable skill of conflict resolution.

The toddler classroom provides a nurturing and safe environment where our students have the freedom to learn through self-exploration and discovery and, thereby, bring order and satisfaction to their lives.

Food Menu

All the children receive a nutritional breakfast, hot lunches and an afternoon snack prepared by our full-time cook.

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